Artist Statement

My artwork takes a close up look at the texture, color and structure of flowers most often from the back of the bloom. I discovered while shooting with a macro lens, that the blossom’s bottom created a new perspective to appreciate flowers. I use digital cameras and edit on computer to create my photographs. As a retired journalist, I maintain my commitment to realism – photographing the flowers in gardens or in my studio as is – adjusting the lighting, the exposure, and composition in camera and in editing. I sometimes add textures using layers or modify the overall colors while editing. The shallow depth of field in some of my “Blossom Bottoms” series creates soft, subtle images with the look and feel of a watercolor painting. Recently, I have begun using a stacked focus technique to create more realistic images of bouquets of locally grown flowers.

While I am drawn to nature and especially flowers, I also have a passion for creating abstract images of rusty things, again using a macro lens to get the intimate details. From the degradation of the paint on the side or a railroad car or the multi-colored detail created by layers of decaying paint on the side of a propane tank, I find a natural beauty in this decay.

Contact Information

Lisa Parisot

Cell: 817-996-2298


Instagram: @lisaparisot

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